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Online and Mobile Treasury Management

Add efficiency to your business without dedicating additional manpower. Easily handle employee payroll, complete ACH transactions, and more.


  • Enjoy 24/7 control over company finances
  • Cut down on repetition; save time and reduce errors in accounting
  • Streamline recordkeeping
  • Have anytime control of comprehensive information at your fingertips:
    • Direct deposit
    • Payroll accessibility
    • Complete ACH transactions
    • Pay bills
    • Make and record tax payments
    • Collect payments electronically
    • And much more!
  • Wire funds, hassle-free:
    • Easy, same-day, safe movement of funds
    • Move money locally, regionally, or nationally
    • Schedule one-time transfers or create recurring templates for future use
  • For more information please contact the Treasury Management team at 815.538.2265 or

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services

Through our ACH service you are able to send and collect payments to and from employees, customers, and vendors. 


  • Available to First State Bank business customers
  • Process your payroll, vendor payments, and collect payments electronically from customers on either a one-time or recurring basis
  • Schedule payments and collections up to 8 weeks in advance

ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay gives your business peace of mind.  You can monitor ACH activity to either accept or reject items before they post to your accounts. 


  • Reduced risk of potential fraud
  • Ability to pay or return  ACH transactions identified as exceptions
  • Quick, efficient, and time-saving process
  • Greater security and control
  • ACH transaction block will prevent all ACH activity from posting to an account
  • Email and text alerts inform you of ACH activity affecting your account
  • Specify which ACH transaction entries should be allowed to post

  • For more information please contact the Treasury Management team at 815.538.2265 or at

Check Positive Pay

A service that identifies and prevents the payment of potentially fraudulent or unauthorized checks before losses occur. 


  • Reduced risk of check fraud
  • Greater security and control
  • Daily communication of any potential fraud
  • Ability to pay or reject a presented check 
  • Email alerts inform you when presented checks do not match the submitted file
  • Automatically identifies check numbers and amounts that don't match your check issue file
  • For more information please contact the Treasury Management team at 815.538.2265 or at

Merchant Card Services

No need to turn away paying customers. Improve your incoming cash flow with the help of merchant card processing.


  • Available to First State Bank business customers
  • Provide additional payment options for your customers
  • Accept major credit and debit cards for increased versatility
  • Boost your bottom line by making it easier for people to pay you
  • Reduce processing time and human error
  • Reduce billing expenses
  • Equipment is easy to use and set up
  • Streamline billing and record-keeping
Click Here to get started!

Remote Deposit Capture

Go from paper checks to money in your account. Simply scan received checks, then send them out for processing.


  • Available to First State Bank business customers
  • Deposit checks 24/7 remotely, from your office
  • Use the bank-provided scanner to input any number of checks
  • Personalize installment service
  • Handle checks from multiple offices or locations
  • Realize funds quicker and accelerate cash flow
  • Free up resources; reduces labor costs
  • Save time on document preparation
  • Save on transportation costs
  • Reduce risk of check fraud; eliminates the circulation of paper checks
  • Fewer errors in accounting
  • Encrypted software for account protection
  • For more information please contact the Treasury Management team at 815.538.2265 or at


Forget endless trips between the post office and your bank. With a FSBPayNow, you can accept online payments right on your website, safely and securely.


  • Available to FSB business customers
  • Receive customer payments online through a convenient portal on your website
  • Receive one-time or recurring payments from checking, savings, or credit cards
  • No need for a cumbersome website hosted shopping cart
  • Collect customer payments without sorting through the mail and depositing individual checks
  • Eliminate time and errors in processing
  • Safe and secure; eliminate payments from circulating through the mail
  • Robust reporting that allows you to study customer data, transaction history, and scheduled recurring payments
  • Export payment data into accounting solutions, such as QuickBooks®
  • Customers are able to view their online payment history
  • Very little technical setup necessary
  • For more information please contact the Treasury Management team at 815.538.2265 or at

Getting Started

Once you're ready to get started, First State Bank will provide you a unique URL address, which you simply pass on to your Webmaster, who will place a link on your home page. When clicked, this link takes your customers to a customized landing page, complete with your logo and brand colors. There they simply enter their information and make their payments.


Treasury Management Videos

Learn more about digital banking at First State Bank with our financial education center. Check out our videos and interactive demos to learn more about our digital products and services. For more information please contact us at

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